The Coyote and the Bear is a 𐓷𐓘𐓻𐓘𐓻𐓟 story that has circulated for generations. This retelling is based on the version given by Jo Ann Shunkamolah. The book is published in the Osage Orthography with an English translation at the end. The mobile application includes an AR feature allowing you to scan a page and view it as a pop-up book while listening to a voice-over in either Osage or English. Users can download the app by searching “Osage Books” on your app store. Copies are also available for download below. 


How to download the "Coyote and the Bear" app to Android and Apple devices:

  1. Connect your Android or Apple device to WiFi
  2. Download the app from your respective app store:
    1. Google Play Store
    2. Apple App Store

The application requires a WiFi connection as it is quite large. After downloading it to your device, it will not require a data connection unless an update is required.

Hard copies of the book are available for purchase at the Osage Nation Visitor’s Center.