Image displays a Sacred Site visited in 2016 during the Osage Heritage Sites visit

Osage Sacred Sites

The Osage Nation has a vital interest in protecting its historic and ancestral cultural resources and considers the preservation of its history and culture to be its highest priority. In keeping with Chief Standing Bear’s Goals, the Historic Preservation Office is tasked with the investigation, identification, and preservation of Osage Sacred Sites.

Osage Sacred Sites are those specific and discrete locations determined to be sacred by virtue of its spiritual significance to the Osage people or use by the Osage people or Osage ancestors in conjunction with past or present spiritual ceremonies. However, Osage Sacred Sites are not always specific locations with identifiable boundaries. Osage Sacred Sites are also cultural landscapes that may include a variety of plants, animals, water resources, sounds, light, view sheds, and sometimes intangible features. As the designated authority, the Osage Nation Tribal Historic Preservation Officer will make this determination and is tasked with informing and consulting with appropriate agencies of the existence of Sacred Sites.

All state and federal agencies with administrative responsibility for the management of Osage tribal lands are responsible for ensuring reasonable notice is provided to the Osage Historic Preservation Office of proposed actions or land management policies that may adversely affect the physical integrity of an Osage Sacred Site or future access to or use of an Osage Sacred Site.

Click here to read a copy of the United States’ Executive Order #13007 regarding Indian Sacred Sites

Image displays a Sacred Site, a rock bluff in a wooded area, visited in 2016 during the Osage Heritage Sites visit

Osage Sacred Sites (above and below) visited by Osages participating in the 2016 Osage Heritage Sites Visit. For more information about the Osage Heritage Sites Visit check our Heritage Sites Visit homepage.

Image displays a Sacred Site, a view over a large wooded area in Missouri, visited in 2016 during the Osage Heritage Sites visit


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