Welcome to the Osage Nation online dictionary! We have recently updated the layout and features, as well as added more terms and sentence examples. We will continue to add content and improvements with updates planned frequently in the future. Please be patient and make sure to revisit us!

Osage Dictionary


Useful Tips

  1. The bulk of the information is on the Osage to English page. That is where any notes, example sentences, literal translations, etc., will be.
  2. Notes, example sentences, etc., do not exist for each entry, however this content may be added at a later date.
  3. Some entries have a, the, or to in front of the terms. While this can cause an issue with how they are placed in alphabetical order, if they are there, they were left as part of the definition for clarity.
  4. Kinship terms can be difficult to visualize with the definitions given here. There are plans to make this easier for learners in the future.
  5. For pronunciation guidance, see our Sound Guide page.