The Osage Nation has a vital interest in protecting its historic and ancestral cultural resources and considers the preservation of its history and culture to be its highest priority. As the designated authority and THPO, the Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office is tasked with consulting with appropriate agencies to ensure compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). View the current agency assignments of ONHPO staff below:


ONHPO ArchaeologistsAssigned Agencies (as of June 2024) 
Johnnie Jacobs, M.A. USDA, RD (RHS, RBS, & RUS), FSA, USDA, GSA
Ben Bressoud, M.S. USACE-Kansas City, USACE-Tulsa, USACE-Memphis, USACE-Huntington, USACE-Vicksburg, Periphery USACE 
Eden Hemming, M.A.NPS, USFS: Mark Twain NF, Ouachita NF, Hoosier NF, Wayne NF, Ozark-St. Francis NF, Shawnee NF, Daniel Boone NF, Land Between the Lakes NF
Caitlin Nichols, M.A., RPAUSACE-St. Louis, USACE-Little Rock, USACE-Rock Island, USACE-Louisville, USACE-Pittsburgh, OC Well Permits to Drill
Audra Whitehurse, M.A.


Kathleen Kelley, M.A. Kansas DOT, Texas DOT, Indiana DOT, Wisconsin DOT, Colorado DOT, Surface Transportation Board, FHWA – Trails, HUD
Dr. Edgar Alarcón, PH.D., R.P.A. USDA NRCS, BLM, USFWS, USGS, BIA (Non-Osage Co.) Non-S106 Projects
Mihcaela Conway, M.A. 

DOD, DOA, Air Force, VA, FERC, DOJ, National Guard, USDHHS/HIS, all other Tribal Nations

Delaney Cooley, M.A. 

Arkansas DOT, Illinois DOT, Iowa DOT, West Virginia DOT, Ohio DOT, Louisiana DOT, Tennessee DOT, KY Transportation Cabinet, NASA

Luke Morris, M.A. (Contractor) State Revolving Fund, EPA, FAA, FRA, MARAD, EDA, Missouri DOT, Oklahoma DOT
Colleen A. Bell, M.A, RPA (Deputy THPO) USPS, Osage Nation internal projects

*For NAGPRA and ARPA (and other burial or sacred site concerns), please contact THPO Dr. Andrea Hunter and NAGPRA Coordinator Sarah O’Donnell, M.S. directly