Osage Nation Museum Carl Ponca exhibit
Exhibit Date
October 08, 2016 - January 21, 2017

Carl Ponca encapsulated the word Artist: Osage, Painter, Sculptor, Sketch Artist, Glass Blower, Arts Advocate & Educator, Museum Curator and Inventor; Carl Ponca was all of these things and more. Ponca dedicated his life to the arts. Ponca is being honored posthumously by the ONM for his lifetime dedication to the arts. In the course of his life, Ponca created numerous works of art in a variety of mediums. The ONM is proud to present the work of a talented Osage artist, educator and one-time previous director of the ONM.

To accompany this incredible exhibition of Ponca’s work, the ONM together with Ponca’s granddaughter, Alex Ponca Stock, produced an exhibition catalog with generous funding from the Osage Nation Foundation. Catalogs can be purchased at the ONM for a suggested donation of $15.