In 1990, President George H. W. Bush approved a joint resolution designating November 1990 “National American Indian Heritage Month.” Similar proclamations, under variants on the name (including “Native American Heritage Month” and “National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month”) have been issued each year since 1994, according to 

The Osage Nation Cultural Center and Language Department have collaboratively created a series of videos dedicated to sharing, preserving and celebrating the values, teachings and tribal ways of the Wahzhazhe people. Find the series here

The Osage Nation Education Department has gathered various resources to offer ways you and your family can honor Native American Heritage Month through learning and sharing. Learn about the Osage People Past and Present Pre-K – 12th Lessons. The Story of the Osage is a story of our people, but also a story of the land, of survival and spirituality, of family and community, and of American and the human experience.  Find the lessons here

Additional Resources:

Oklahoma State Department of Education: Indian Education Lesson Plans: The following are free, ready-to-use lesson plans for all teachers of Indian Education. Link:

Oklahoma State Department of Education: Indian Education Lesson Resources: Lesson resources include information, data and research tools to help educators create lesson plans of their own. Feel free to use the following approved resources. Link:

A Story of Survival: The Wampanoag and the English. A Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Booklet from a Native American Perspective. Presented by the Oklahoma City Public Schools Native American Student Services. Link:

“The Unspoken Truth Behind Thanksgiving” Link:

Dr. Cornel Pewewardy presents the keynote event, Thanks-Taking (Decolonizing Thanksgiving). Link: