OSAGE CULTURAL CONNECTION SERIES | Peaches: Candied peaches are considered an Osage delicacy. Historically, fruit was not easy to come by, having candied peaches was a real treat. Seasoned with β€œRed Hot Candies” currently, in the past they may have used cinnamon or clove. Traditionally Osage cooks prefer brass kettles to cook candied peaches. About the series: The Osage Nation Cultural Center and Language Department have collaboratively created a series of videos dedicated to sharing, preserving and celebrating the values, teachings and tribal ways of the Wahzhazhe people. Special thanks to the Osage cultural team for making this series possible.

peach |Β π’Όπ’°Ν˜π“Šπ’· π’Ήπ’»Ν˜π“‡π“Šπ’·