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We are starting out pretty light, but we will routinely be adding new words to this dictionary. If there are specific words you'd like to see added here, please enroll in a class and pass this information via your teacher.

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  1. law enforcement
  2. police
  3. army
  4. armed forces
  5. soldier
  6. armed person
  7. officer
  8. grenadier

Literal meaning: "wings upon"


Also means "copperhead"

Literal meaning: "over the mountain"


Also means "Arapaho"

Literal meaning: "over the mountain"


Open, as one's eyes or arms

On top

Also means "top" or "summit"

Outside of a certain area

Also means:

  1. on the outskirts of
  2. in the surroundings of
  3. on the other side (of a perimeter)
  4. afterward
  5. after the present event
  6. off the record
  7. outside of the main events or activity and in secret
  8. isolated from
  9. socially distant from
Put over

Also means:

  1. put upon
  2. cover (as with cloth or blanket)
  3. cover with dirt (as a grave)
  4. cover over
  5. cover up


Also means:

  1. up above
  2. the arch of heaven
  3. be upward or upright


Also means:

  1. lawn
Quit someone

Also means:

  1. throw away
  2. discard
  3. leave behind
  4. remove, as from office
  5. divorce or separate from

Abalone shell

[THAH-leeโฟ GAH-xeh]
Be successful

See also:

  1. do good works
  2. do good



See also:

  1. feel good about something (adjective)
  2. be glad (adjective)
  3. thank you
  4. fine (adjective)
  5. splendid (adjective)
  6. pretty (adjective)
  7. beautiful (adjective)
  8. handsome (adjective)
  9. good (e.g., the weather) (adjective)
  10. well (adverb)
  11. finely (adverb)
  12. skillfully (adverb)
  13. should
  14. ought to

Also means:

  1. pursue
  2. chase
  3. mate
  4. take as a sexual partner
Lift off

Lift off

Also means:

  1. remove, take down (e.g., from a shelf or the back of a truck)
  2. unload

Literal meaning: "not take"

Clean up

Also means:

  1. cleanse
  2. clean, disinfect (e.g., a buffalo hide)

nephew (wife's brother's son) (my)

Also means:

  1. nephew (sister's son, of a male) (my)
  2. nephew (brother's son, of a female) (my)
  3. cousin (father's sister's son) (my)
  4. grandchild (my)
niece (brother's daughter, of a female) (my)
cousin (father's sister's daughter) (my)

Also means:

  1. niece (sister's daughter, of a male) (my)
brother (older, of a male) (my)
To count (He/She counts)
  1. daughter (my)
  2. niece (brother's daughter, of a male) (my)
  3. niece (sister's daughter, of a female) (my)


1. Ooze, as in from a boil

Also means "Suppurate".